Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pearl Jam

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Electronics and Anne Do Not Mix

So one reason why I went so long from posting blogs was because I was without a computer. Well I have one at work and I already got in trouble for blogging at work. That leave me with my iphone. Okay well without a phone. Is there anyone who has possible been through 5 Iphones in a year?

Let's see I dropped one in the toilet at a Panther's game. I dropped another in the bathtup. I am not quite sure what happened to the other two. So your Iphone is linked to ITunes and both my phone and computer crashed. I did not know my computer crashed and so when they asked at the apple store if everything was backed up to my computer at home before they erased everything, I said no problem. I got home and then could not restore my phone.

I had people over at this time and we were going to play Guitar Hero. I have never played it and when we did the guitar was broken. Someone said everything Anne touches breaks

Isn't that the truth.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Driving Mr. Kennedy

Last night and tonight I agreed to keep my friend's dog Kennedy who is a King Charles Cavalier like my dog Ella. So I was so excited because I thought they would have so much fun together and because I would get to snuggle in my bed with 2 dogs. That might sound a little weird but I let my dog sleep with me every night. She usually hogs the bed or lays on my head but I let her anyway. I was excited walking them around the block and showing them off. I felt like Sex in the City, Charlotte had a dog like Ella, but it was fun walking with these two little pooches. Later on I wanted to bring them by a friend house to show them off. Now you know how I am with driving. My car is in the shop because the shifter will not work and there are pieces falling off from where I would hit things, but I am still holding off on getting that fixed. My driving abilities are not the best and I even have friends that will not ride with me. If someone new does ride with me they hold on for for dear life. I really don't think it is that bad but I found out when I drove Kennedy.

Ella was in my lap and Kennedy was sitting on the passenger seat. I drive Ella around all the time and she loves the car. She has no fear sticking almost her whole body out the window, ears flapping driving down the highway or around the block. This was not at all how Kennedy behaved. At first he was sitting in the seat chilling but when I started driving it changed. By the end of the ride he had his face up against the seat of the car like he was getting support from the back of the seat. He did not look happy at all. I mean even a dog can not ride with me. How can I be that bad!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fishing With My Uncle

Oh how I love the beach. As you can tell by all the pictures of Pawley's Island on my blog. It is my favorite place in the world, my sanctuary. It is where my mother grew up when she was young, but her parents died when she was 14. It is where I go to connect with the past. My mother is real close with her brother. It is a special connection because of their parents dying at such a young age. When they are together you can feel and see the closeness between them.

My uncle is a legend at the beach. I am so proud to be his niece because not only is he a special person, but he knows fishing. The saltwater is in my blood. My grandfather fished with his son (my uncle). My uncle told me a story about how they were fishing together when he was young and my grandfather caught an eel and said "son of a bitch." When my uncle caught an eel later he said, "look daddy I caught a son of a bitch too! He was then told not to tell his mom what he caught.

So this love of the water was passed down to me. My uncle will take me fishing and showed me the ropes. I remember when I was real young, you will need to tell the the difference between and flounder bite and a crab. He doesn't do anything for you. He showed me how to clean a fish, bait a hook, find the minnows, etc. I was talking to my cousin (daughter of my uncle) and she said he mom told her to play dumb when she meets a guy. Guys like to feel like they know what they are doing but Katie (my cousin) knows more than most people. She said I will not ask a guy "can you bait my hook?" It's just not how we are. Pretty much you would never know I make bait balls with fish meal, dehead shrimp that we just caught, cook crabs and clean them, etc.

My uncle takes me fishing so it is just us. I learn a lot on those trips and not just about fishing. He does not do this for my sister, I think my sister did not inherit this love. So I planned a fishing trip with my uncle way in advance because I wanted to learn more about my mother and grandparents, stories that should not get lost through the years. I want my children to know these stories and pass them down.

We went shad fishing. It was my first time and even though I don't like fresh water fishing, I really enjoyed this. We were fishing for row, female shad that are pregnant, it is the spawning season. I have never had it, but shad row is a delicacy. I am picky about what I eat and even though I catch things in the ocean, I don't really eat much seafood. It was great. My uncle with his hat that said, "shut up and fish" and the weather was beautiful. He let me reel up the fish and helped me learn not to get to excited when the fish gets near the boat, that is where people lose fish the most. It is like a game, the rod and the fish. So now I know the secret about shad, they only will bite citronella lures.

My cousin was telling me there is a secret fishing club that has a flounder fishing tournament each year. Many people want to be in this club but it is not possible. I did not know about this club but my uncle was one of the first members. He is always on the creek. She was at a restaurant/bar having drinks with her dad and she saw someone she knew and went to talk to him. He asked if that was her dad and quickly asked if he could please meet him. He is a legend like I said. No one quite like him, He knows things about fishing that goes by nature. Such as the flounder do not bite until the dogwoods bloom. The brown shrimp leaves the creek after the first full moon in July. He tells me fishing is a cycle. You use crabs to bait the minnow traps, the minnows are used to catch the fish, the bones of the fish are put in the minnow trab to catch the crabs. He lives off of the water, never buying minnows, the only fish he will buy that could be caught is grouper. He said he will sometimes buy it, but other than that it is the fish he catches that is dinner.

So last weekend was a huge success ans I am going back this weekend to show my boyfriend the ropes. He think he knows but he has never been around a member of my family fishing.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reality Bites

I used to love this movie and I still do. I am a movie person and sometimes I think things should be the way it is in the movies. That is not reality and reality bites. I had a friend come over because she broke up with her boyfriend. It was a long time coming and even though she will be better off, it is always hard to let go even if you know it is for the best.

He was not the one for her, but some people including myself, have stayed with a person even if you don't see a long standing future because you like having someone there. It sucks sometimes letting go. Realizing that maybe the person you are with is Mr. Right now. This is when reality comes into play. I don't like thinking of the future. Take things one day at a time. So I am a little different from most girls because I am not looking for anything other than that. Being with someone you enjoy, have fun with and respects you.

I live for the movies. I believe that you may fight being or facing wanting to be with someone, but when things are right you break the rules. I keep hearing the U2 song from the soundtrack of "Reality Bites" "All I want is You". The guy in the movie has never been serious or cared deeply about someone and then realizes that he wants his best friend, etc. I like the song because someone can promise anything, say they will buy you anything, do anything for you, etc. But what I think all those things do not matter. Well especially the materialistic things. I think being there for someone does matter, but what matters the most and the only thing that should matter is wanting to be with that person. When you do not feel that, then no materialistic thing, comfort of having someone, nice dinners, jewelry can replace the feeling of wanting to be with someone. Once you lost that or never had it, then it is time to re-examine some things.

Someone can give you everything, promise the world but the only thing that ever matters in the long run is whether it is those things tha matter or just wanting to be with the person. Someone respecting you, listening to your opinions (even if they disagree), caring for what matters to the other person is what makes a relationship last. I like to make people I care about feel happy. When you start feeling bad about it or not appreciated, then does that person care. I think that is the advice I will give my friend and it is the advice I try to follow.

Also I read this and I think every girl should think about this before assuming they are in a lasting relationship.

Does the guy show care and respect for you? Or are you a convenience?

Do your conversations center around life, ideas, interesting thoughts? Or is it all about when you are available for sex?

Do you have a great time together when there is no physical activity going on? Or is sex the only thing that brings you together?

Do you feel cared for and cherished for being who you are? Or do you feel you are only valued for what you do for the guy?

Is the guy interested in your goals, your dreams, your hopes? Or is the relationship pretty much centered on his needs?

Do you feel in your heart that you are valued as a human being? Or do you feel your value comes from the guys expectations?

“Don't rely on someone else for your happiness and self worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can't love and respect yourself - no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are - completely; the good and the bad - and make changes as YOU see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different.”

~Stacey Charter