Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pearl Jam

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Electronics and Anne Do Not Mix

So one reason why I went so long from posting blogs was because I was without a computer. Well I have one at work and I already got in trouble for blogging at work. That leave me with my iphone. Okay well without a phone. Is there anyone who has possible been through 5 Iphones in a year?

Let's see I dropped one in the toilet at a Panther's game. I dropped another in the bathtup. I am not quite sure what happened to the other two. So your Iphone is linked to ITunes and both my phone and computer crashed. I did not know my computer crashed and so when they asked at the apple store if everything was backed up to my computer at home before they erased everything, I said no problem. I got home and then could not restore my phone.

I had people over at this time and we were going to play Guitar Hero. I have never played it and when we did the guitar was broken. Someone said everything Anne touches breaks

Isn't that the truth.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Driving Mr. Kennedy

Last night and tonight I agreed to keep my friend's dog Kennedy who is a King Charles Cavalier like my dog Ella. So I was so excited because I thought they would have so much fun together and because I would get to snuggle in my bed with 2 dogs. That might sound a little weird but I let my dog sleep with me every night. She usually hogs the bed or lays on my head but I let her anyway. I was excited walking them around the block and showing them off. I felt like Sex in the City, Charlotte had a dog like Ella, but it was fun walking with these two little pooches. Later on I wanted to bring them by a friend house to show them off. Now you know how I am with driving. My car is in the shop because the shifter will not work and there are pieces falling off from where I would hit things, but I am still holding off on getting that fixed. My driving abilities are not the best and I even have friends that will not ride with me. If someone new does ride with me they hold on for for dear life. I really don't think it is that bad but I found out when I drove Kennedy.

Ella was in my lap and Kennedy was sitting on the passenger seat. I drive Ella around all the time and she loves the car. She has no fear sticking almost her whole body out the window, ears flapping driving down the highway or around the block. This was not at all how Kennedy behaved. At first he was sitting in the seat chilling but when I started driving it changed. By the end of the ride he had his face up against the seat of the car like he was getting support from the back of the seat. He did not look happy at all. I mean even a dog can not ride with me. How can I be that bad!