Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Electronics and Anne Do Not Mix

So one reason why I went so long from posting blogs was because I was without a computer. Well I have one at work and I already got in trouble for blogging at work. That leave me with my iphone. Okay well without a phone. Is there anyone who has possible been through 5 Iphones in a year?

Let's see I dropped one in the toilet at a Panther's game. I dropped another in the bathtup. I am not quite sure what happened to the other two. So your Iphone is linked to ITunes and both my phone and computer crashed. I did not know my computer crashed and so when they asked at the apple store if everything was backed up to my computer at home before they erased everything, I said no problem. I got home and then could not restore my phone.

I had people over at this time and we were going to play Guitar Hero. I have never played it and when we did the guitar was broken. Someone said everything Anne touches breaks

Isn't that the truth.